‘Binnenste buiten’
1 march 2016

For this project I made music and soundscapes for a puppet play. I also made an Android app for the actors to trigger the music and soundscapes on a very easy and clear way via blue tooth on a tablet device.

Sky is nine years old and has a significant hearing impairment. He tries hard to participate in his class which is full of good hearing children, but he often feels powerless and misunderstood. He thinks the outsiders don’t understand him, but does he understand them?
In this short documentary we observe Sky during and after schooltime as he tries to maintain grip on his environment.

18 february 2016

‘Knvb Nike nieuw tenue Nederlands elftal’
Sound alikes. Can you recognise them?

Maart 1 2014

‘Daniël Vis’
Muzikale begeleiding bij 8 gedichten geschreven door Daniël Vis.

January 31 2014


‘Around The World’ composed by Luuk Arndts
April 22 2013


Literair Theater Branoul Presents ‘Fidessa’
April 10 2013

Editted pieceklein from Jesse Smits on Vimeo.



August 20 2012

I have been composing in Prague for the ‘Home;Scape’ project. A physical theater show directed by Irina Andreeva.

The premier is Wednesday 1st of August @ Tara Theater in London

For more information:

Also, check out the partners at:


Canned Live!

A live performance with my soundinstallation ‘Canned’ and self made instruments.

See instruments in detail in the instruments section above.

September 4 2012



Nol King Ruter

January 25 2012

I play percussion in this dance-movie, have made some sound effects and was the boom operater.
Click on the link below to see the movie.

Nol King Ruter
In memoriam of Ton Lutgerink


December 2011

This electronic composition is made with coaching lessons from Hans Timmermans.

Hollandsch Weertje

September 23 2011

‘Film theater T Hoogt’
Images from the archive on the Dutch Wheater supported by live music.
Here I play conga in the piece written by Ben Wallet.

Ik heet Finn

February 2011

“Okay. I’m in the pub, beer. Nothing to worry about. Hang a bit on the bar, you know the drill. A guy walks at me, said: eeh slut.”

Presentation about Finn, a he born as a she.

The graduation solo Hilde Segond von Banchet, she studied at the actor training at the School of the Arts(HKU)

Concept & spel: Hilde Segond von Banchet
Coach: Alexander de Vree
Text: Sander Janssens
Music: Jesse Smits
Light: Trudy Hekman


February 2011

An initiative of Thomas Ouwerkerk (actor in the piece).
About a french restaurant owner with dreams.
Thomas invited René van ‘t Hof for guidance and direction.
I play live as gerauschmacher and use herein include a diatonic accordion and am disguised as a vagabond.


(Het Nationaal Toneel

September 01 2010

I joined an internship at Harry De Wit. I worked on soundscapes and sound effects for the show Faust.Lees een recencie

interactive performance
‘Welcome in this world. This is a new world.’

Grensgenoten(Border Fellows)is the graduation performance of Rodrik Biersteker for the Utrecht School of Arts. Fifteen people come together in an empty theatre for 45 minutes. On stage, there are fifteen boxes. One each. With the contents of the box, a voice-over that suggests them what to do and a DJ that provides them with a soundtrack, these people start to rearrange the space: borders are being drawn, houses are build, groups are formed. In 45 minutes a micro community is build. And destroyed again.

This project grew out of a series of experiments dealing with the question what the role of a theatrical space could be in a world where we are plugged in to media sources 24 hours a day.

Graduation project: Rodrik Biersteker, Design for Virtual Theatre and Games.
Co-creator: Lisa Degenhardt
Music: Jesse Smits

# 26 May 2011, Jeux Fixe 7, LOT Theater, Brauschweig, Germany
# Young Art Festival 2010, Beverwijk, the Netherlands
# DVTG EXPO Huis aan de Werf, Utrecht , the Netherlands


‘Surreal Main’

January 2009

Music for a dance-theater piece.
The assignment was to use an acoustic instrument and edit it. No fixed pulse used in the music and interpret surrealism.
I recorded playing an udu and edit it. With FM synthesis i made a patch​​. And from all this came a few compositions. This is one of them.


December 2008

I spend hours in the night recording sounds I found at a mall in Arnhem called ‘Presikhaaf’.
With these sounds I made the following composition.


































































































































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